A friend of mine loaned me her 4th Grade Science book. It has been through A LOT of children. The cover was coming off and in pretty bad shaped. I recovered it. It’s not my best work but it’s cute.
I hot glued the binding, which I might have to do redo with Elmer’s craft bond glue. The cover itself is heavy textured scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. I hot glued the sea shell pictures. This was before I decided to lamenate it or I would have used doublesided tape. I used the feet to take away from the seem but I would have rather used a trim made from hemp. Since I wasn’t feeling well I decided to handwrite the title instead of making a mess with stencils. All this took me about 15 minutes.

This little runner was for a friend of mine. I saw the pattern and knew it was perfect for her. I took me nine months. Sad I know.