Currently a Day-of-the-Week towel :0). I so need to get this finished, lol.

However this post is not actually what is in the hoop, but about the hoop itself.

I found this hoop at a Mennonite yard sale. I absolutely love it! I have used if for a year or more. The spring is great. I know some do not like this because it will pinch your fabric if you take it off in a hastily manner. I have not had a problem with it doing any damage. The tension is perfect on it and I love the wood! The wood is smooth unlike the cheepies from Walmart.

So the reason for the post is… Who knows where I can get more of these? It is made by HoldTite in the USA or was. I have not seen anything like it since and for those of you out there that have one and would like to get rid of it, I am will to buy if from you.