When the latest edition of Nancy’s Notions arrived I was thrilled to find a multi purpose seam gauge.  Not only multi purpose but almost three times the width of my own little gauge.  I had been dreaming of one and thought it would be great if someone created a longer edge gauge to save me time.  Lo and behold it was in the magazine!  It was on my list of ASAP buys only to be disappointed.  They were out of stock!  So I made sure I checked back on the proposed restock date and was able to order the tool of my dreams…the 5 in 1 Sliding Gauge

Next is my 4″ curved Fiskars.  These are great for cutting my embroidery thread close to where I knot it.  Yes!, I do knot when I embroider.  I use these in cutting my quilting thread as well.

3rd is the magnetic wand.  Mine is actually plain red and rectangular.  However JoAnn’s didn’t have that one and this on is much cutter.

Last is the Mini Iron.  I do not have this item but it’s definitely on my wish list.  I can’t even begin to tell you the times when I’ve need a tool like this.  Also at JoAnn’s