It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about projects I’m working on and thought I’d share a few.

This first one is actually one that Taylor did for a little one at church.

She crocheted the pocket lace and did a hand embroidered stem stitch for the collar. The picture she used was from a greeting card she received.

Here I am doing a small Biscornu. I did a larger one here with a tutorial.

In looking back I see where I wasn’t clear in some of the steps. If you have questions, please email me. I will fix the issues as soon as I can.

This is a table loom my MIL gave me just before we moved to NC. It was her grandmothers. I absolutely love it. I contacted a lady about her chickens and wound up with lessons! I saw some really nice guitar and belt weaving patterns that I excited about trying.
I was complaining to my husband about doing a project that I’m not excited about and that I’m one that would rather do a project that is too difficult, but inspiring than one that is easy that I lack enthusiasm over. He loves my corny artist quotes, like, “An artist needs inspiration!” It always gives him a good laugh.

I bought goats milk soap from a vendor at the county fair. I do not like having a mess from the bar in the shower, so I thought I’d make some terry cloth sack like thingys. I’ll think of a better name later. I will put some up on my etsy (along with more laundry soap) and see what happens. The fabric I’ll be using is Michael Miller’s Organic Terry Cloth. MoSoap is an excellent source for lye soaps. They are very generous.