Well things are just not going the way I had hoped.  My bar soap covers did not work out.  Back to the drawing board on that one.  I thought about just a mitten and you can drop the soap in it when done.

The liquid soap didn’t turn out so well either.  I will try again using MoSoap‘s lye soap.  The others are just too oily.  Maybe the little that’s in lye will be just the right touch of oil. 

The weaving over all is going well.  I had a little mishap when I tried loosening the part already woven to count my 6″ thread markers.  When I rewound it, it pulled in the thread string from shuttle messing up several rows.  After I fixed it and got it wound, I had trouble keeping it from pulling in at the sides.  I redid about 6″.  Well it’s my first project, and not for me colors, so I’m not to heart broken.

My biscornu turned out great!  I’m just waiting for a bead from In Mom’s Eyes .

I made a bag for my neice from Tone Finnanger of Tilda.  I’ll post pics after I get the flower on.