I started a new scarf projects.  I made up my own design and love it.  Of course my weaving teacher helped me to put it all together :-).  The colors are cream and green.  I took picks at a few different angles.  They are darker than I intended.  I even tried lightening them up in Picknik.
You may be able to see a few tangles in the warp.  I sure had a time with it.  I messed up my figure 8.  I was trying to adjust something with the strings and let go of the bottom of the 8.  I was horrified for a moment, a girl could just cry at the thought of all that work ruined.  Resolving to myself first that, there is a God (THE God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, The LORD, Jehovah, The Most High God – NOT Allah or any other little “g” god – I stress this because people want to confuse my God with other gods.), making my mishap seem silly.  Weather small or great, anything that comes my seems easily remedied when this living fact comes to my remembrance. Second that it will be a pain, but all is not lost.
 I received my lye soap Saturday, just in time, I was completely out of laundry soap.  I ordered the wrong stuff however and only got half the basic lye.  The other half was traditional.  I’ll have to pay more attention the next time I order.  It did give me the opportunity to try hand and dish soap again. 
I used the basic lye for the dish soap.  I’m still not happy with the results, but it was better than the Fels Naptha.  I will have to research some more to get the kinks worked out.
For the hand soap I used the traditional lye.  It worked great.  I love the way it turned out.
 Last I am working on a rag rug.  I have wanted to try this for some time but am just now giving it a try.
Here are a few links…
Rag Rug Cafe – This is the design I am using.
Moda Cake Shop – This one looks fun.