This is a pic of one of the warps I chose for the Christmas washclothes.  Well, I haven’t finished those washclothes.  They were more work than I barganed for.  I’ve only gotten 3 done out of the 8 washclothes from just one warp.  There are suppose to be 16 in all.  I can’t do any other projects till this is finished, 😦 . 

I have some in mind: 

  • Coal Grey Cotton / Cobolt Blue Linen face towel for Hubby – Houndstooth design (maybe)
  • Pink and Cream Scarf like I did before – I really need to do this one before the end of March (Yikes!)
  • Something fun for making little purses, doll clothes and other little crafty items. 
Currently I am working on my friends wedding dress.  I am really excited about it.  I tell her she’s terrific, how many friends would allow their friend to make her wedding dress?