Walking Skirt

Simplicity 2655
This is one of the best patterns I’ve ever come across.¬† I love the design!
The fabric I used in the above picture (excuse the worn-the-day-before look ūüôā
is a light weight stretch poplin.
The pockets are great.  They hold quite a bit without you feeling weighed down.
I’ve also made this skirt with Rip Stop fabric.¬† I would have liked it in a lighter weight
but the medium I found worked out well. 

Pop Goes the Weasel

This is a picture if a skein winder.  It has many names to it.  I received this from the lady who I'm making the Day Dress for as part of the payment.  I am very blessed to have gotten such a neat item.  

The term Pop Goes the Weasel refers to the pop that the gears make after 40 turns.  Supposedly there were 40 verse that goes to the song for the students to say as they wound the yarn.  There are a few different versions from what I've gathered. 

Now I just need a spinning wheel ūüôā .

Picks of one of two scarfs I made recently.  Can't wait to do pink and cream, but have to wait till I finish the 1800's Dress (you can see the fabric underneath the scarf).

It's hard to get them in the shop when I want to give them all away, lol.

A Switch

You may notice my shop to the right is a little different. ¬†I am trying out Artfire instead of Etsy to see if I get more business. ¬†I haven’t been doing as well since Etsy made it’s changes. ¬†My girls really wanted to start putting things on to sale.

We are currently working on projects for Old Fashion Sunday coming up at the end of the month. ¬†I’ll post some pics after the meeting. ¬†I’m sewing an 1800’s Day Dress for a friend and my oldest decided to me a dress from the same era. ¬†So I look forward to posting those pictures.

2nd Scarf Completed

I finished my second loom project which turned into 3rd and 4th project as well.¬† I miscalculated the amount of warp I’d need and was able to get two scarfs and a finger towel out of it.¬† Actually the finger towel will have to be something else because I remembered Bamboo is a wicking material, not absorbing.¬†

I was excited because my teacher said that my edges come out so nice and that I did so well i could sell them.  So I am selling one of them in my etsy shop. 

Bamboo Scarf

I started a new scarf projects.  I made up my own design and love it.  Of course my weaving teacher helped me to put it all together :-).  The colors are cream and green.  I took picks at a few different angles.  They are darker than I intended.  I even tried lightening them up in Picknik.
You may be able to see a few tangles in the warp.¬† I sure had a time with it.¬† I messed up my figure 8.¬† I was trying to adjust something with the strings and let go of the bottom of the 8.¬† I was horrified for a moment, a girl could just cry at the thought of all that work ruined.¬† Resolving to myself first that, there is a God (THE God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, The LORD, Jehovah, The Most High God – NOT Allah or any other little “g” god – I stress this because people want to confuse my God with other gods.), making my mishap seem silly.¬† Weather small or great, anything that comes my seems easily remedied when this living fact comes to my remembrance.¬†Second that it will be a pain, but all is not lost.
¬†I received my lye soap Saturday, just in time, I was completely out of laundry soap.¬† I ordered the wrong stuff however and only got half the basic lye.¬† The other half was traditional.¬† I’ll have to pay more attention the next time I order.¬† It did give me the opportunity to try hand and dish soap again.¬†
I used the basic lye for the dish soap.¬† I’m still not happy with the results, but it was better than the Fels Naptha.¬† I will have to research some more to get the kinks worked out.
For the hand soap I used the traditional lye.  It worked great.  I love the way it turned out.
 Last I am working on a rag rug.  I have wanted to try this for some time but am just now giving it a try.
Here are a few links…
Rag Rug Cafe РThis is the design I am using.
Moda Cake Shop – This one looks fun.

Some Past Projects

I finally uploaded pics from my phone.  Phone pics are not the best but here they are:
This is a patchfolio I made for Grace.¬† I went to Sew and Sew’s Place (really!) and saw a little girls rain coat made from these fabrics.¬† I’d really like to do rain coats for the girls one day.¬† Until then I thought these would work great for a patchfolio.¬† Pattern by CraftApple.
I made this folio for a friend.
¬†This is Grace’s “Old Fashioned Day” dress.¬†
 Here is the bag I mentioned in my last post. 

Not Going My Way

Well things are just not going the way I had hoped.  My bar soap covers did not work out.  Back to the drawing board on that one.  I thought about just a mitten and you can drop the soap in it when done.

The liquid soap didn’t turn out so well either.¬† I will try again using MoSoap‘s lye soap.¬† The others are just too oily.¬† Maybe the little that’s in lye will be just the right touch of oil.¬†

The weaving over all is going well.¬† I had a little mishap when I tried loosening the part already woven to count my 6″ thread markers.¬† When I rewound it, it pulled in the thread string from shuttle messing up several rows.¬† After I fixed it and got it wound, I had trouble keeping it from pulling in at the sides.¬† I redid about 6″.¬† Well it’s my first project, and not for me colors, so I’m not to heart broken.

My biscornu turned out great!¬† I’m just waiting for a bead from¬†In Mom’s Eyes¬†.

I made a bag for my neice from Tone Finnanger of Tilda.¬† I’ll post pics after I get the flower on.

Coming Along

Here is a pic of the work I’ve done on the loom.¬† I’m pretty pleased with results so far.¬† I have completed about 18″ so far.¬† I’m making a scarf so I have a lot more to do before I’m finished.
¬†Here I am trying my hand at some dish soap.¬† If it turns out and I like it, I will be adding some to Etsy along with more laundry soap with new fragrances.¬† It has been a rough start from when I had to close when we moved,¬†but things are¬†mellowing out now and I’m anxious to get started again.