Quilting Youth

Before we left on our Colorado trip,  the teenage girls at church got together to make two quilts.  We gave 10″ blocks to ladies and girls at the church who either embroidered, painted or wrote on them.  Then a few of us ladies pieced the quilt together.  The teen girls did the quilting.
The one pictured first was for our Pastor’s wife, Mrs. Hoyle.  Her birthday was the day before the trip.  Sorry, no pics of the finished quilt. 

 This is the second quilt.  It was for Mrs. Thornsley and we took with us to 
Colorado and presented to her that Sunday.
The girls really enjoyed doing the quilts and it was a blessing to work with them.  



Anna Griffin has come out with a new fabric company!  It is a blend of talented artist with different styles and designs.  I came across this company via Charlotte Lyons blog House Wren Studio.
Below are some of my favorites, just click on the pictures to be take to the full collection.

Doll Clothes

I wanted to share a few pictures of the dresses Taylor made.
She had been praying about her missions giving when the Lord provided the oppertunity to sell doll items in a store downtown.  It has gone really well for her.
I love my cork board.  I got the idea years ago from my MIL’s sewing room.
Taylor made a little rack for hanging the clothes on her side of the sewing table.
I need to do a little bit of work in there.  Like, repaint the walls!!  I like the green but it just really doesn’t flow with my green girl dress form I got in Canton, TX or my green shelf.


I had some issues with this shirt. I kept leaving it and coming back to it. A friend came over one day and saw it on my dummy and told me I had to finish it. I was going to have it done the Wednesday before she left for her new life in the mountains :), however, I forgot to get the buttons!!! I absolutely love the ones I wound up finding for it.

I also made another shirt from the same pattern (New Look 6781).

I was told the sleeves look nice but I didn’t like either of them.  They seem to big.  Although the cuff on the floral/strip shirt turned out nice with the buttons, it’s so cute!  I really need a good camera, lol, mine broke when we moved here and I’ve either used my phone or my daughter’s camera. 

Currently Working On

This is a pic of one of the warps I chose for the Christmas washclothes.  Well, I haven’t finished those washclothes.  They were more work than I barganed for.  I’ve only gotten 3 done out of the 8 washclothes from just one warp.  There are suppose to be 16 in all.  I can’t do any other projects till this is finished, 😦 . 

I have some in mind: 

  • Coal Grey Cotton / Cobolt Blue Linen face towel for Hubby – Houndstooth design (maybe)
  • Pink and Cream Scarf like I did before – I really need to do this one before the end of March (Yikes!)
  • Something fun for making little purses, doll clothes and other little crafty items. 
Currently I am working on my friends wedding dress.  I am really excited about it.  I tell her she’s terrific, how many friends would allow their friend to make her wedding dress? 

Old Fashion Sunday

Here are the dresses!! My DD made my dress and I made my friends dress.

I was able to demonstrate the spinning wheel. I was borrowing it from my spinning/weaving teacher (ewedancewool.etsy.com).
The girls gathered sticks that I had my son smooth out and put notches in. I bought a few ounces of roving (also from my teacher) and the kids all got try spinning for themselves.
It was a great day of preaching and fellowship and it went into a great week of revival meetings.